Im reaching out to everyone reading this blog. Sometimes, the worst thing you can do is keep your thoughts to yourself. The more emotions you hold in, the more likely you are to burn out. Truth is there is only so much one can take before they have well and truly hit breaking point. For some it can be a major event or traumatic experience, but for others it can be simply a bad day. I am not qualified, nor would I ever intend on being, but I am a strong believer that strangers are the best people to talk to. Sitting your mother down, explaining everything going on in your life, why you wish you were dead, can be a hard conversation. But a stranger? Well, the chances are you are never going to see them again anyway. I would like to take this opportunity to reach out to everyone, and encourage you to talk to me. Share your stories, tell me about your shit day, talk to me about your dreams and aspirations! I created this blog for one purpose and one purpose only, to encourage. My contact details are on the menu selection, so please, open up and speak out!

achievement activity adolescent arms

Side note – If you wish to stay anonymous (completely understandable) then make sure you either leave the name section blank, or simply write ‘anonymous’. 

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