Today I am feeling rather down.

Why? Well thats the thing, I don’t really know. I guess everyone has these days, struggling to open your eyes in the morning, without having a single clue as to why. But when you live with this feeling everyday, struggling every morning, you start to question everything in your life. You start to question the point of living, the point of waking up and doing your regular routine. Nothing makes you happy, nothing strives you to carry on.

In school they teach everything from how to string a sentence together to calculus. But one thing they don’t teach you, is how to live. How to wake up in the morning and not feel like a worthless piece of shit. How to push yourself through that bad patch in your life, when you really don’t want to live. The moments that hold you back, the moments that push you to your last breath. No one prepares you for the big changes in your life, and how to handle them in a healthy and stable manner. These are the life lessons you must learn on your own. And the truth is no matter your age, no one knows the true answer as to why we feel like this. Why we struggle to wake up, and why the world often feels like its tumbling down on top of us. I guess all we can do is carry on and try, some how, to push through the bad patches in life. This is a task much easier said than done, I know, but why end our lives over a bad day? Because, sometimes, thats the only way out.

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