For most University is an exciting and new time. And although the excitement was most definitely bubbling inside of me, so were the nerves. I thought of ways I could divert myself from homesickness, distract my mind on something else, something happier. And then it hit me, the best way to clear your mind of a bad emotion, is to release it. So I sat there for approximately 15 minutes on my first night, crying, and I can honestly say it helped. One thing I have learned over the years is that bottling up emotions does no good! Sure at the time you can push them to the back of your mind, and BAM you feel so much better, but once the mind cant store anymore emotions, thats when they begin releasing themselves, uncontrollably. Thats what happened to me, I held certain emotions back, and then once day they all came flying out at once. Thats the story of my mental breakdown, the day I actually thought I was going to die. To be totally honest, thats the day I tried to die. So when I post on this blog, it may seem half the time i’m chattering pure shite, but I do know what i’m talking about. Whatever emotion you are currently feeling, I can almost guarantee i’ve been there myself. But my best advice to anyone feeling down, sad, stressed or any kind of negative emotion, just cry! Release it. Crying isn’t a weakness.

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