I have come to realise that I have not actually been posting as much as usual. Sorry about that, what can I say? Student life gets to you eventually. So I thought to kick off the first post of many, I would write a poem (much like the first post I ever did on this site). This poem is very personal to me, as it represents not only death but resurrection, and what I would believe a family member would come back as, if she was to at all. It takes me back to conversations and meaningful memories of the two of us together, and I hope you all find a personal touch to it also.

Rambling down a cobbled pathway,

I stumbled upon a wild rose.

Deep crimson red,

velveteen petal each curled to perfection.

Radiant and innocently pretty,

a shy damsel oblivious of her beauty,

fading away unsung.

Every day, day after day,

I watched my rose break out of its chrysalis,

admiring it with every moment.

I watched it grow and come into full bloom,

tall and elegant till it grew

and looked down on me.

And upon a note fallen from the heart wrote,

“From which I’m born, to which I die,

the dirt, the sea, the sun, the sky,

all these things are part of me,

I am the world, and the world is me”.

A flower for a flower.

Thank you for reading! I hope that you are able to find relation to this in some way, please comment and follow for more great content in the days to come!

flower rose nature plant

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