During my dark patch early last summer, I began this blog. What started as an online journal, soon became my own personal empire. It became my baby.

I have found a lot of strength from my writing, and it saved me. As I have written previously on the blog, I went through a dark patch, a time I didn’t think I’d move past from. Writing relaxed me, it still does, and focussed my mind on something different.

I honestly couldn’t imagine life without this blog anymore. It has been most definitely my saviour, an online hero. And to all the followers and supporters, I want to thank you for your kind words and memorable stories shared. I hope to continue this blog for the foreseeable future, and continue to share stories and thoughts on what I class “a bumpy life”.

2 thoughts on “How writing saved my life

  1. Im currently working on my own blog, and im having some trouble getting it started. Is there anything youve found that helps writers block, or anything that was helpful to you when you first started writing?


    1. Hi! Might sound strange, but music often helps me think of a new post idea, or motivate me to write. I made a list of songs on my blog that might help? When I first started, I’d often spend time alone in a relaxing atmosphere and jot notes and ideas down. Sadly, running a block and getting traffic takes some time, but keep going and it will soon pick up. Whats your blog about? Id love to see it!


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