Music has always calmed me down, and some songs helped me through the most difficult times in my life. Whether they made me feel happy and relaxed, or expressed the exact emotion that I was feeling. So here are my personal top 10 songs to help boost that negative mood!


Home by Phillip Phillips
This is a relaxing song with a beautiful message – theres no place like home. It’s calming nature and lovely lyrics is a definite choice to calm a stressed mind.


Happy by Pharrell Williams
Don’t think this one needs much of an introduction! Known worldwide for it’s happy feeling, this song is a sure feel good tune!


Follow The Sun by Caroline Pennell
Much like Home, this is another relaxing and feel good tune. There are many versions of this song, but Caroline Pennell has a gentle approach to it. If the background music isn’t enough to relax you, the kind words sure will!


The A Team by Ed Sheeran
Another song popular worldwide! The lyrics in this one is enough to relax me alone. Gentle, sweet, calming… What’s not to love about this old school Ed classic?


Shine by Take That
Shine is just all round happy song. Although not calming, the nature of the song is very motivating and catchy. I often listen to this song when I’m out walking and feeling that lack of motivation to do any work, or anything really!


Ready for the Good Life by Paloma Faith
Another motivating tune, Ready for the Good Life is a sure feel good song. Much like shine, this song is a definite choice for the lazy days, and is a great song to remind you about everything good in life.


Moon Dust by Cherry Glazerr
This is just a downright relaxing and lovely song. Not only is the song beautifully composed, but the lyrics are so peaceful and relaxing.


Hate on me by Jill Scott
This one is a little different from the rest, as it is basically a song about sticking the finger to everyone that ‘hates’ you. But despite this, it is a great tune to relieve some stress and anger. I have never felt better than after I have head-banged and lip-synced alone in my room to this empowering tune!


Love Today by MIKA
Another popular song worldwide, this one is great for those down days, when all you need is that pick me up.


Fighter by Christina Aguilera
Definitely the most powerful, motivating and strongest song on the list – no wonder it’s number one! This classic is possibly the greatest break up song of all time (in my opinion), showing that even in the most difficult of times, you can find strength. This tune has definitely given me strength and power on the most difficult of days.

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