We have officially reached that time of year when chocolate goes on sale and lonely hearts ache for attention.

I had the pleasure of spending this Valentines Day with friends in University (yes, that unfortunately included Valentines Night!), laughing and joking about past relationships and everything in the subject of love. This time of year is often difficult for some, as a day of celebrating love between two people, can often be lonely when you have no one to share it with.

I have never celebrated Valentines Day, nor do I plan to do so in the future. Whether I am in a relationship, or single, I always spend the day and night with friends, often people who need the love more than I. Cheesy romance movies, junk food takeaways and chatting is not only perfect on this particular night, but any other. For many years I would spend Valentines aching for attention, wishing that I too would receive a mystery letter, a box of chocolates or a bunch of beautiful flowers. It was hard watching those around me receive endless gifts and be flooded with love when I, once again, would be alone. That’s when made a pact with myself, that my personal Valentines would be about celebrating love in general, not just between two people. I would spend the night alone, pampering myself with that self love. I would spend it with friends, celebrating my love for them. I would celebrate it with family, so that I can show the love I have endlessly for them also.

Although this year I had a significant other to celebrate the day with, I continued with my ‘tradition’. Love is a beautiful thing, that almost definitely should be celebrated. Just remember to spread the love, as holidays such as Valentines can often be the last for some.

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