GIVEAWAY for mental health!!

Hi all!
As some of you may know, I have recently partnered with NEUU, a product and research company that focusses on finding natural solutions to attain better mental health! I decided to partner with this group, as I believed their views and input on mental health matched very highly to my own.

I am excited to be sharing this giveaway with all of you! NEUU is giving away incredible resources to boost mood and reduce anxiety! It is an amazing gift set that they are giving out to promote their new company.

The giveaway is valued at $689!!!

It includes:

Basis: 14 Free Sessions of Problem Solving and Support (Value: $500)
· Talk to people trained to help you feel better today and build resilience for tomorrow
· 45-minute sessions
· Anytime/Anywhere

Yoga International: Online Yoga Therapy Course (Value: $129)
· Learn how to naturally boost mood and reduce stress through yoga techniques and principles
· Learn how to reduce tension and discomfort throughout the body
· 8 hours of content

Weighted Therapy Blanket: ($60)
· Promotes being calm and reduces anxiety

This giveaway will not be around for long, so make sure you enter for the chance to win these incredible resources!

Click below to enter the giveaway:


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