The trees are grey.

The skies are gloomy.

Your house is small

Yet your house is roomy.


My heart is open,

but my mind is closed.
Still I wonder
is this the path I chose?


I remember the murder,
the lies,
and the melancholic cries
that to this day haunt me.


I cry to sleep
because the escape is sweet
but the nightmares break my bliss.


But I can’t just forget.

No, I can’t forget
the loved ones
that I miss.


The sadness that follows
and the madness that corrupts
will always try to possess.


Don’t fall for facades or even fake cries,
and be sure to keep both eyes wide open.

Because when the lights flicker out
and the monsters run about,
be weary of night,
that’s where they thrive.


So, try not to make a sound,

or else you will be found.


And falter into darkness.

Screen Shot 2019-01-18 at 07.14.04

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