In the spirit of supporting other writers and bloggers in the self-care and mental health niche, I have been open to posting and sharing posts from other writers. This is the first one of many that I will be sharing (as well as my own work). This post was written by Seema Devi, a freelance writer, and it is all about Yoga and how it can prevent lifestyle disorders.

photo of woman doing yoga

Lifestyle disorders are slowly becoming pandemic and the reason for it is not hidden from anyone. Nowadays, people are running after money one after the other. They don’t even take care of their health, which is not a good thing. It is essential for them to know the importance of health. Health is Wealth, as this famous proverb says: there is nothing more important than health. Health is one’s actual wealth rather than the paper currency. In this post, we are going to discuss how we can get rid of the prevalent lifestyle disorders.

Yoga Prevalent Lifestyle Disorders:To remain healthy, yoga is the best practice no matter what your age is and what your gender is. Yoga has the potential to prevent and manage the rehabilitation of the prevalent lifestyle disorders. Practice of yoga gives an individual strength, which in turn develops positive health and helps one to cope up stress better. Yoga is like a health insurance that can be achieved by giving little attention to stress as by doing this the pent-up stress will be released.

Positive Impacts on Health:-Several studies had been done on yoga and majority of them have proved that its practice has a positive impact on one’s health. Practice of yoga offers only benefits and the reason for the benefits is its lifestyle components, which includes a healthy diet, positive attitude and relaxation.

Is yoga is series of physical Postures: –Many people say that, yoga is only a series of physical postures or meditative practices, but it is not true as it is beyond that. Rather, it is a lifestyle, which can be lived by everyone including sages who left their homes living everything behind.

Some people say that it is a form of understanding or realizing our interactions, understanding the needs of the body & mind. To conclude, practicing yoga is beneficial to everyone as it keeps one fit and who does want to look fit?

Written by Seema Devi.

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