Daisies and Bruises blog is currently seeking enthusiastic volunteers to join the team!

Are you passionate about mental health? Do you want an opportunity to share your thoughts and stories? Then this is the opportunity for you! Daisies and Bruises are currently looking for five volunteers to work remotely. There are five positions available, and jobs include:

  • Posting on the blog – this includes stories and experiences of your own, and tips & tricks to better your mental health.
  • Marketing – this includes posting on the blogs instagram and sharing posts on your own blog/website if you have one.
  • Helping with promotional ideas – this includes upcoming giveaways and marketing strategies.

The beauty of this position is you can work from anywhere! All you need is a laptop or phone, and can work from the comfort of your own home (or outside)!

This position is extremely flexible, allowing you to work in your own free time! All that is required is a blog post at least once a week, but is totally understandable if you can’t. All other jobs are flexible and can be done when you feel they need too. This opportunity allows you to have control over your jobs as a volunteer, and work at your own pace. It is also understandable that writers block is common, and if extra time is needed to create a post, that is fine!

If you decide to volunteer with us, you will have regular check ins (if you need), and regular support will be available to you. Volunteer meetings will be held every month, where we will go over new giveaways and promotional activities, for which you will have an opinion into the decisions. You will also be able to have first access to new products which will be launched on the blog, and will have free access to our create a blog course, which teaches you all the tips and tricks on how to create a mental health blog of your own (if you wish).

If you are interested in this role, fill out the contact form bellow!

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