Recently, due to the never-ending cycle that is our lives at the moment, I have been trying to include some positives in my journaling. I choose twenty of my most treasured photos, each that represent a positive memory, printed them out and stuck them inside my journal. I have made a goal for myself, that at least once a day I will choose a photo, stick it on a page in my journal, and write about it. Just write what happened the day I took that photo, why I took that photo, where it was taken, and the positive memory alongside it. I think during times such as these, it’s easy to focus more on the negatives rather than the positives, so I found that a simple activity such as this, just once a day, can shine some light on these dark times. Doing this has made me realise that I have lived through some beautiful times, and have made lots of precious memories, some that I had forgotten about. Doing this has also made me realise that these memories, these moments, are worth living for. Worth fighting for. If you are into journaling, I highly recommend doing an activity such as this as regular as you can, to help you also focus on some positives, in a contemporary world full of negatives.

Anyway, to finish of this posts thought I would include a nice little poem. I may have posted this on the blog before, so apologies if I have, a lot of my posts have been removed after I updated the site!

Shrill evening birds shadow the sun 
setting across the water; 
in dreams the ocean 
comes to full river. 
Many times, I have climbed this bridge 
wildflowers changing the colour of the water, 
stirring sparks of conversation 
the hoist in the veins 
thrashing a flight to autumn.

I hear your string of broken bird calls, 
loud and wild as years turn it to echo; 
Staggering paleness, 
a daydream of winter’s chill, 
how gutless is fowl flight, 
the comfort of wings. 

Planks wobble, 
set as they are jumbled, uneven. 
Now there’s a blur of impressions, 
the illogical strings in a catalogue of sound. 

I walk this bridge alone, 
touching air no one else can see, 
one step at a time, 
learning to be ME.

2 thoughts on “The Power of Photo Journaling

  1. I love journalling but never really thought of photo journalling. I’m afraid if I tried this in my 500-page journal, it’ll end up looking like a tome in the end. Thanks for sharing this idea!


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