If you have been following my blog for a while, you would know that I am big on self-care! In this post, I will be sharing with you my daily evening self-care routine, including skin care and therapeutic products I use every night.

Nothing in this post is sponsored, all products are ones that I personally use and wish to share!

At the end of everyday, I like to begin my self-care routine with a skin care one! To start this, I begin by taking of my makeup (which depends on the day how much I have been wearing), using the Garnier Micellar Water and cotton pads. After this, I put on my face mask (this is only three times a week) and leave it to settle for about fifteen minutes. During this time, I often go in the bath!

After the face mask has completely settled into my skin, I then rinse it off using warm water (not hot!). Whilst my face is still damp, I then use the Simple Moisturising Face Wash, leave it to settle on my skin for about thirty seconds, then rinse it off. Next, I use my purifying face scrub and the electric face scrub brush. For this, I add a small squirt of the face scrub onto the brush, wet it with warm water and use it all across my face. I tend to focus a lot on my forehead and cheeks, which is where I often break out most. Once my face is completely scrubbed, I rinse it with warm water and dry it off with a towel.

The last step is to moisturise! I use the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion, and once again I squirt a small amount onto my hand and rub it across my entire face. To finish off my face, I then use an eye cream under my eyes (I am prone to have bags) and a lip balm. To finish of the skin-care routine, I use the Balis and Harding Ice Snow Cookie (their beautiful smelling Christmas range) Body Lotion on my arms and legs!

And thats it for skin care!

After my skin-care is all done, I like to spend some time winding down before bed. This differs every night, depending on the mood I am in that evening. Some nights I like to play a video game on my X-box, watch a movie or tv-show cuddled up in bed, and other nights I like to sit down on my nice wicker chair, and read an inspirational book! Most recently, I have been reading Michelle Obama’s ‘Becoming’.

Personally, this is my favourite time of the evening, as it allows me some space to push aside my thoughts and relax. Whilst winding down, I like to use essential oils and candles to create a calm environment. I light my scented candle next to my bed, close my curtains and door, and turn on a few lamps around the room. Before bed, every night, I spray my pillows with a lavender pillow mist, and rub lavender oil on my chest. I also keep my small silver Buddha next to my bed for good luck!

And that’s it!
I hope you enjoyed my daily evening self-care routine! Do you have a self-care routine? Let me know in the comments!

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