Whilst stuck at home over the past few months, I have found different ways to cope with my mental health. Some of these I have already posted on the blog recently, including self-care, organisation and journaling. In this post, I would like to share with you my new found love for colouring! As some of you may know, and would have probably guessed with my latest graphic novels, I used be a college art student before I found my love for writing. I have always enjoyed painting, drawing and crafts in general, but could never seem to understand peoples love for colouring. That was until my countries lockdown, when I found myself doodling and colouring one rainy afternoon. It was the most therapeutic day I had spent in a long time, and so, I started creating my own digital colouring book that I would print off. Depending on my mood, I would spend anything from five minutes to two hours colouring in my bedroom, and having some down time. If you have not yet tried this, I highly recommend it! In this post, I have included a few digital drawings if you wish to print them off and try yourself. Check them out here!

These are the designs included:

And here’s the file!

If you wish to check out more designs, you can purchase the full book here:

I hope everyone is keeping well during these difficult times! Thank you for reading!

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