Sorry to once again be sharing a new product with you all! But, I would like to share with you my new Self-care Workbook!! This self-care digital workbook includes everything you need to create your own self-care routine! This workbook features a range of different activities, worksheets, templates, puzzles and more! 

🖼 W H A T S – I N C L U D E D 

– why self-care is important
– Balance wheel and guide
– Information on the three types of self-care
– Understanding you
– Self-care goals
– Daily routine
– Assessments
– Working from assessments
– Activities
– Colouring pages
– Self-care ideas
– Monthly and yearly goals
– Puzzles
– Templates

This workbook includes over 50 pages, and is available as a PDF print (so you can fill in the pages with pen) OR as a Canva design (so you can fill in the pages digitally)! 

Once purchased, there will be two files to choose from.

You can buy now on Etsy for £11.40!

One final little note, just to reassure you! I am qualified to instruct meditation exercises’ have a level three diploma! So please don’t be alarmed by the exercises, I know what I am doing!

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