For my viewers that read my blog regularly, I am sorry about the shortage of posts at the moment. I thought I would write a small piece explaining why I have been inactive for the past two/three weeks. One word, stress. 2020 alone has been a stressful year for everyone, with the pandemic, natural disasters and the new uncertainty the year has brought. This is not the cause of my stress, but certainly doesn’t help. The last post I put up, I talked about my grandmother with dementia, and the affects that alone has had not both myself and my family. Since that post, we have been given what feels like a trail of bad news, one thing after another. This has been everything from health concerns, to family concerns. Obviously, this can have a negative impact on anyone, and has most definitely had an impact on myself. I talk about a lot of different mental health conditions on this blog, but one I rarely talk about is OCD, which I was diagnosed with as a child. Over the years I was able to tackle it, so much to the point it went away. But with the high amount of stress in my life at the moment, it started to flair up once again. Luckily, I have learnt my lesson about bottling up emotions or pushing them aside, decided to take some time off work and get it sorted. I started researching tips to manage it myself, and then reached out to a professional when I felt I needed to.

Thankfully, a few weeks off and some time alone to think has helped a lot, and I feel I am finally ready to come back to work and start up a routine again. This week I will be writing a post specifically for OCD, and will title it “what goes on in my head”. In this post, I will be writing down every thought that goes through my OCD mind (especially when it flairs up) to raise awareness. As for the business side of the blog, I will be creating a few new products – including an anxiety workbook and an OCD workbook (both will include tips, activities and worksheets).

Thank you for taking the time to read this post, and I hope you understand the lack of content lately. I hope everyone is doing well!

-Amy x

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