So once again, it’s that time of year! In two weeks I will be starting back at University (at home, online of course), which means I will be posting on the blog a little less. This is also my third and final year of my degree, which means more and tougher assignments, as well as my dissertation (for which I have chosen a very difficult topic with a lot of research). I am aiming to post on the blog at least once a week, but obviously as the work load increases, that may not be possible. I just wanted to write this short post today just to give you a heads up, incase you question the lack of posts in two weeks time!

I am still working on my new post about my mothers experience with my mental health problems a few years ago, and am hoping to post it towards the end of the week!

Thank you for reading (and sorry for the very short post)!


One thought on “Just a quick update!

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