So, turns out, your final year of university is quite a big one! From day one I have done nothing but stress about assignments (which I may add are double the word count and a whole lot more complicated). So for that reason, I haven’t been posting on here. But, I am hoping to step back into it. As a budding journalist, I thought I would begin with an article (makes a change) about women who have suffered oppression in the workplace, left their jobs and started a business (or empire) of their own! As 2020 has been a rather horrible year, I thought a little article highlighting female empowerment to enhance mental health would be a great way to finish off! So, as with any article, I am still in the process of interviewing women and will need a little time to write it up, but I don’t want to leave the blog empty in the mean time. So to keep the fire burning, as they say, I will be posting a thought a day. This will anything from a small piece of poetry, an influential quote or even a random thought that pops into my head during my busy day! And hopefully the article won’t be too far away!

To finish off I would just like to apologise for the lack of content on here lately, and I hope that everyone has had a lovely Christmas! Here’s to happy and healthy 2021 (hopefully!!).


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