It occurred to me recently that I have pretty much completed my mental health journey (thanks to this blog), and I have very little left to say about my own personal dealings with mental health. Because of that, I have decided to turn this blog into an ultimate self-care website! If you go onto the website, you would notice that the layout of the blog has completely changed from a personal blog, to a magazine style. The aim is to create an informative site to help people with their mental health, specifically focussing on self-care, with free e-books, courses, information sheets, prints, workbooks and more!

Here is a little sneak peak at what will be available soon!

  • How to talk to a friend in need online course
  • Stress relieving activities ebook
  • Stress relieving activities ebook for kids
  • Uplifting printable’s
  • information sheets on different mental health conditions – including signs, symptoms and ways you can help those in need

These are just a few starting ideas, but much more will be coming soon! Also, everything will be FREE to download straight onto your device! I will also be including weekly self-care challenges!

Give the blog a follow for more updates coming soon! The first ebook is scheduled to be launched this coming week!


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