Towards the end of 2020, I asked myself what product I wish was available to help manage my stress and mental health. More importantly, I asked family and friends what they wanted… I personally wished I had a physical workbook to write down all of my worries (there was a lot) and work through them step by step. One family member wished they could journal… they had never done it before, and had heard of the benefits it can have on mental health. They thought an affordable starter kit would be perfect. So, I put my thinking cap on, and combined these two ideas into one! That’s why I’m excited to introduce… the mental health workbook and journal starter kit!

This is our first physical copy, and boy are we excited about it! One Thing at a Time; A Wellness Journal for Managing Stress includes everything you need to help manage stress during challenging times! 

🖼 W H A T S – I N C L U D E D

– Journaling starter kit (notebook, roll of coloured tape, 20 sheets of coloured A5 paper, and sticky note set)
– Information on stress
– Deep breathing tips and exercises
– Understanding your stress worksheets 
– Challenging your stress worksheets
– Self-care worksheets
– 60-page daily stress journal

This small A5 notebook is spiral bound, with simplistic designs and cover!

You can buy this little kit for just £8 on my Etsy shop available here!

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