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A Very Lonely Christmas

As most of you know, I am a student based here in the UK, studying creative writing. As the Christmas deadlines were fast approaching, I decided to write a small graphic novel on homelessness at Christmas time, the worst time of year for many. The piece highlights the difficulties of being homeless, especially how our mental health and state can affect the way we perceive ourselves. Ive decided to share what I have created with you all, and I hope you can take something away from it.


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My daily self-care routine!

I decided to do something a little different for this blog post, so I decided I would share with you all my everyday self-care routine! This post has been a week in the making, as the UK weather has been a little challenging, so my daily walks had been put on hold. But anyway, let’s get to it.

When I first wake, the first thing I do is brush my teeth and cleanse my face. This makes me feel fresh and ready for the day ahead, and honestly, I don’t wake up fully until I feel clean.
For breakfast, I usually have something simple like buttered toast or cereal, but have lately been throwing in a little bit of fruit to the side to add a little extra flavour and energy. Strawberries have been a personal favourite this past week, but I will usually have whatever fruit is in the house.

I then venture out onto my first walk of the day (I often go on multiple walks as I live in the countryside, and the scenery has always helped with my mental health), with a bit of calming music to relax and motivate my mind, I see it as a meditation of sorts.

I am lucky enough to work at home whilst not at university, which means I get to keep up my self-care routine throughout the day with walks and healthy snacks. Whilst I was working full time in a stressful job, I would often spend my lunch breaks, once again, going for walks in a quiet area to eat lunch.

When I finish work, I’m often pretty tired, so I relax in a bath, or have a shower if washing my hair. There’s a refreshing feeling when you wash all the dirt from the day away. I then spend time with family, having food and watching TV or talking. I have always found that one big thing in my self-care routine is talking to people, just sharing your days and having general chit-chat.
I then go for the second walk of the day, but unlike the other one, this one is alone and in silence. I go for a stroll to the nearest river, and leave my phone at home to minimise distractions. It’s the most relaxing part of any day, and is a big part of my routine.

And that’s it! It’s these simple steps that have helped me turn my life around, and focus on the positive aspects of life rather than the negative. I hope you find comfort in these tips, and can try them for yourself!

Love always,