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The Importance of Self Love

We all, every now and again, need to take a day off to take care of our mental health. Take a day to relax and do something we love. In this post, I have listed my go-to activities/methods for a mental health day, and how I personally take care of both my physical and mental… Continue reading The Importance of Self Love

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Organisation Tips and Tricks!

Mental health can be a funny thing - one minute you feel like you are on top of the world, and the next you feel broken. Throughout the past two years I have learnt a lot about my mental health, how to control it, triggers and the small things that can improve my mental state.… Continue reading Organisation Tips and Tricks!

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The Power of Photo Journaling

Recently, due to the never-ending cycle that is our lives at the moment, I have been trying to include some positives in my journaling. I choose twenty of my most treasured photos, each that represent a positive memory, printed them out and stuck them inside my journal. I have made a goal for myself, that… Continue reading The Power of Photo Journaling

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Graphic Novel Part 3

Sorry about the delay once again posting the third part of the graphic novel. As previously mentioned, the aim of this graphic piece is to depict cultural differences and racism in modern society, which is obviously a very important topic. I hope you have enjoyed the graphic novel so far! There is only two more… Continue reading Graphic Novel Part 3

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After The Rain

After the rain, I see the daisies,in their clean, white dresses,fresh and perfect.Washed and bright,their faces lifted to the skies,and open to the sun. Is it their youth that makes them so fearless,despite their diminutive size?A gullibility of spirit or lack of worldly knowledge?Or do their passing, unjustified liveslead them to embrace the now? No, their… Continue reading After The Rain

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10 feel good songs for the ‘down days’

Music has always calmed me down, and some songs helped me through the most difficult times in my life. Whether they made me feel happy and relaxed, or expressed the exact emotion that I was feeling. So here are my personal top 10 songs to help boost that negative mood! 10. Home by Phillip PhillipsThis… Continue reading 10 feel good songs for the ‘down days’