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The Power of Photo Journaling

Recently, due to the never-ending cycle that is our lives at the moment, I have been trying to include some positives in my journaling. I choose twenty of my most treasured photos, each that represent a positive memory, printed them out and stuck them inside my journal. I have made a goal for myself, that… Continue reading The Power of Photo Journaling

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Another 7 Feel Good Songs

In the words of the great Billy Joel, “music in itself is healing. It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we’re from, everyone loves music.” Below I have attached a list of another personal 7 feel good songs. Music to help you feel motivated, cry… Continue reading Another 7 Feel Good Songs

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Become A Volunteer!

Daisies and Bruises blog is currently seeking enthusiastic volunteers to join the team! Are you passionate about mental health? Do you want an opportunity to share your thoughts and stories? Then this is the opportunity for you! Daisies and Bruises are currently looking for five volunteers to work remotely. There are five positions available, and… Continue reading Become A Volunteer!

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Graphic Novel Part 3

Sorry about the delay once again posting the third part of the graphic novel. As previously mentioned, the aim of this graphic piece is to depict cultural differences and racism in modern society, which is obviously a very important topic. I hope you have enjoyed the graphic novel so far! There is only two more… Continue reading Graphic Novel Part 3

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Mental Health Awareness Week – Part 2 of the Graphic Novel

Sorry about the delay in putting part two up on the blog, been extremely busy finishing off the second year of University! As it is mental health week, I decided to put up the second part today, which highlights the effects of sexual assault. If you have been following my blog for a while now,… Continue reading Mental Health Awareness Week – Part 2 of the Graphic Novel

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Brecon Beacons Walking Trails

I am making a change to Daisies and Bruises, although it will still be related to self care and mental health. Daisies and Bruises has been my journey throughout mental health problems, from day one when I was extremely suicidal, to today, the happiest I have ever been. As most of you would know, there… Continue reading Brecon Beacons Walking Trails

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GUEST POST – Yoga: The Best Solution to Get Rid of Lifestyle Disorders

In the spirit of supporting other writers and bloggers in the self-care and mental health niche, I have been open to posting and sharing posts from other writers. This is the first one of many that I will be sharing (as well as my own work). This post was written by Seema Devi, a freelance… Continue reading GUEST POST – Yoga: The Best Solution to Get Rid of Lifestyle Disorders