Personal Anti Depressant part 2!

For those that know me, know that I am a lover of the outdoors. As I have mentioned in previous posts, I find natural environments both relaxing and peaceful, an antidepressant of sorts. So when it came to setting up a new office for the blog, I couldn’t think of any place better than one with a view of my local woods.

There is something soothing about working overlooking the birds and trees, especially on a beautiful day. I am lucky enough to live surrounded by forestry, with local walks and hikes right outside my front door. In fact, after moving here with my parents almost two years ago, I felt a change in my emotions. It was almost as if the new surroundings and fresh air helped to ease my depression, which is why I call it my personal antidepressant. No matter my mood, for many it can be a cup of tea, for me it’s a little walk up to the surrounding mountains and woods.

Here are a few pics from my local walk today!

What’s your antidepressant?


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