Graphic Novel Part 4

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So as promised, here is the fourth part of the graphic novel, depicting cultural differences and racism in modern society. I will be posting the last part of the novel next week! I hope you have all enjoyed the graphic novel so far!

Another 7 Feel Good Songs

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In the words of the great Billy Joel, “music in itself is healing. It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we’re from, everyone loves music.” Below I have attached a list of another personal 7 feel good songs. Music to help you feel motivated, cry or dance to. Hope you enjoy the list!

Anyone who knows me personally would have often heard the words “I just need to listen to some John, and I’ll be fine”. For as long as I can remember I have been a fan of John Mellencamp, and the way he tells a story through his music. Pink Houses is one of my personal favourites, and seems to uplift my mood when feeling either stressed or over emotional. It’s not exactly a dancing tune, but definitely one to belt out.

Back in 2018 George Ezra released this absolute feel good tune. This classic ‘banger’ has the just the right melody to get your body moving. When feeling a loss of control or having a rather bad day, I listen to this song and go for a nice walk. It instantly puts me in a good mood, and before I know it I’m running home to be in the comfort of my private bedroom, dancing around without a care in the world.

Personally I have never been a big fan of the British Pop-star’s music, but there is something about this song that makes me feel motivated and ready to make a change in my life (even if only for the 3 minutes the song is on). It’s definitely one to belt out, and I find it’s the perfect song to listen to whilst angry or stressed.

This may come across as a bit of a cliche, but this is a perfect song to listen to whilst stressed. I love listening to songs that relate to my mood perfectly, and this is definitely a great song for that. Ironically, I feel stressed, listen to this song which is all about feeling the stress of adulthood, and it seems to work. I feel calmer, almost as if listening to this song for 3 minutes is a release of emotions.

I felt this wouldn’t be a perfect list without at least one female empowerment song. From the hit 2019 movie ‘Bombshell’ based on the true story of the women working for Fox News, this song is a bad ass hit that makes me feel both motivated and angry. It’s a perfect song to let out some steam and feel a sense of purpose or control in your life. As a sexual assault survivor, I feel this song is perfect to get angry to and release some built up emotion.

This is a song with multiple versions, but the original by Cameo is still my personal favourite. Another perfect song to move to and belt out. Word Up is definitely in my top 5 favourite songs, and always seems to put me in a good mood!

This one is most definitely not a feel good song, and would recommend not using it as one. I wanted to finish of this list with a song that might not make you feel great, but is definitely a good song to release some emotions. I don’t always use this song, but if I feel emotionally numb and want to gain a sense of control, I sometimes listen to this, which never fails to make me cry. I don’t know if its the lyrics or the slow melody, but something about this song tugs at my heartstrings.

That concludes the list! I hope you find enjoyment (or a release) in some of the songs listed above, and remember to stay strong and never be afraid to seek help!

Become A Volunteer!

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Daisies and Bruises blog is currently seeking enthusiastic volunteers to join the team!

Are you passionate about mental health? Do you want an opportunity to share your thoughts and stories? Then this is the opportunity for you! Daisies and Bruises are currently looking for five volunteers to work remotely. There are five positions available, and jobs include:

  • Posting on the blog – this includes stories and experiences of your own, and tips & tricks to better your mental health.
  • Marketing – this includes posting on the blogs instagram and sharing posts on your own blog/website if you have one.
  • Helping with promotional ideas – this includes upcoming giveaways and marketing strategies.

The beauty of this position is you can work from anywhere! All you need is a laptop or phone, and can work from the comfort of your own home (or outside)!

This position is extremely flexible, allowing you to work in your own free time! All that is required is a blog post at least once a week, but is totally understandable if you can’t. All other jobs are flexible and can be done when you feel they need too. This opportunity allows you to have control over your jobs as a volunteer, and work at your own pace. It is also understandable that writers block is common, and if extra time is needed to create a post, that is fine!

If you decide to volunteer with us, you will have regular check ins (if you need), and regular support will be available to you. Volunteer meetings will be held every month, where we will go over new giveaways and promotional activities, for which you will have an opinion into the decisions. You will also be able to have first access to new products which will be launched on the blog, and will have free access to our create a blog course, which teaches you all the tips and tricks on how to create a mental health blog of your own (if you wish).

If you are interested in this role, fill out the contact form bellow!


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With everything that is going on in the world at the moment, I thought I would share my thoughts about the current #blacklivesmatter movement. It saddens me to be writing this post today, as I feel in the year 2020, it should not be a necessary post to write. I am a white girl, and because of that I will never truly understand what it feels like to be discriminated because of my colour or heritage. Of course, I have problems in daily life, but it is not my time to share, it’s their time. Your time. I don’t often post about political and social issues on my blog, but I personally feel this needs to be spoken about. I do not understand, I will never understand. But I support you, and will forever support you.

It shames me the behaviour I have seen lately across the world, in particular individuals that believe it is okay to discriminate and abuse innocent people because of their beliefs, opinions and colour. I have always, and always will stand up for any racism I come across, and will continue to stand by my own beliefs and opinions on racism – there is no excuse. Daisies and Bruises was created as an outlet for both myself, and my readers across the globe. Please contact me for any support needed. Obviously a little disclaimer, I am not a licensed councillor, nor a mental health professional, but I am a friendly shoulder to cry on, shall you need one. Unfortunately due to the coronavirus, and my heart condition putting me at risk, I am unable to participate in any protests at the moment. That being said, I support friends who are, and will stand by them all throughout.

Lastly, I would like to share my condolences for George Floyd’s family and friends, an innocent soul taken far too soon.

Daisies and Bruises is a positive site, and no abuse in any kind will be tolerated. Please comment and share kind words only, and please remember to support one another during this difficult and upsetting time.

Amy x

Mental Health Awareness Week – Part 2 of the Graphic Novel

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Sorry about the delay in putting part two up on the blog, been extremely busy finishing off the second year of University! As it is mental health week, I decided to put up the second part today, which highlights the effects of sexual assault. If you have been following my blog for a while now, you know that this is a subject extremely close to my heart, and one of the main reasons I started the blog in the first place. When creating this graphic novel, I wanted to reflect on contemporary issues across the world, and the mental health effects of them. As mentioned, this weeks part is all about sexual assault, and has been based loosely on my own experience – most specifically the healing process. Hope you enjoy part two, and I want to thank you all for your kind words about the first.


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Throughout the coronavirus outbreak, I have been working hard to create as much uplifting content as possible. But, I also wanted to share thought provoking content, in as much an entertaining style as possible. With this, I have been creating a series of graphic novels, depicting social and racial differences in modern society. This piece I am posting today, is the first story in an anthology piece I have created, and I will be uploading every week.

Hope you enjoy!


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Screenshot 2020-04-24 at 14.28.12

A Happy New Year!

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It’s officially 2019, and with 2018 finally behind us, we can only hope that this year will be a good one! I am not one for new year’s resolutions, as I feel that every year is just the same as the last. But I have made a ‘pact’, shall we say, that I will not let anyone or anything tear me down this year. Over the past few months, I have come to realise that the only person that can make a positive change in your life, is yourself. I know it’s easier said than done, but sometimes the most simplest decisions make, turn out to be the best ones. This blog has changed my life for the better. It gave me purpose, a strive to carry on and fight the demons in my mind. University changed my life for the better. It gave me strength and courage, forced me to step outside of my comfort zone. My point is that sometimes even the simplest of changed can make a huge difference.

I hope everyone reading this has had a safe and happy new year, and may 2019 be a good one! I would also like to say that I am grateful for all of your messages throughout the year, and please continue to spread the love throughout this year also!

First post in a while! (Sorry about that)

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I have come to realise that I have not actually been posting as much as usual. Sorry about that, what can I say? Student life gets to you eventually. So I thought to kick off the first post of many, I would write a poem (much like the first post I ever did on this site). This poem is very personal to me, as it represents not only death but resurrection, and what I would believe a family member would come back as, if she was to at all. It takes me back to conversations and meaningful memories of the two of us together, and I hope you all find a personal touch to it also.

Rambling down a cobbled pathway,

I stumbled upon a wild rose.

Deep crimson red,

velveteen petal each curled to perfection.

Radiant and innocently pretty,

a shy damsel oblivious of her beauty,

fading away unsung.

Every day, day after day,

I watched my rose break out of its chrysalis,

admiring it with every moment.

I watched it grow and come into full bloom,

tall and elegant till it grew

and looked down on me.

And upon a note fallen from the heart wrote,

“From which I’m born, to which I die,

the dirt, the sea, the sun, the sky,

all these things are part of me,

I am the world, and the world is me”.

A flower for a flower.

Thank you for reading! I hope that you are able to find relation to this in some way, please comment and follow for more great content in the days to come!

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