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The Power of Photo Journaling

Recently, due to the never-ending cycle that is our lives at the moment, I have been trying to include some positives in my journaling. I choose twenty of my most treasured photos, each that represent a positive memory, printed them out and stuck them inside my journal. I have made a goal for myself, that… Continue reading The Power of Photo Journaling

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Become A Volunteer!

Daisies and Bruises blog is currently seeking enthusiastic volunteers to join the team! Are you passionate about mental health? Do you want an opportunity to share your thoughts and stories? Then this is the opportunity for you! Daisies and Bruises are currently looking for five volunteers to work remotely. There are five positions available, and… Continue reading Become A Volunteer!

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Spread the ❤️ this Valentines Day

We have officially reached that time of year when chocolate goes on sale and lonely hearts ache for attention. I had the pleasure of spending this Valentines Day with friends in University (yes, that unfortunately included Valentines Night!), laughing and joking about past relationships and everything in the subject of love. This time of year… Continue reading Spread the ❤️ this Valentines Day

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First post in a while! (Sorry about that)

I have come to realise that I have not actually been posting as much as usual. Sorry about that, what can I say? Student life gets to you eventually. So I thought to kick off the first post of many, I would write a poem (much like the first post I ever did on this… Continue reading First post in a while! (Sorry about that)

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How to open up about your sexual assault

In my 20 years, there was no harder moment than when I decided to tell my parents about my rape. For almost a year I kept my thoughts and emotions to myself, refusing to tell a soul. I wish I could tell you that it was easy, the best thing I had ever done, but… Continue reading How to open up about your sexual assault