What makes you smile?

What makes you smile? As in nothing else could compare to the feeling you get when you see a particular person or go to a particular place. For me, its the river. For some reason, when I step down from the bank onto the river edge, all my troubles and worries seem to   float away along the glorious water. It helps me think, makes me see things in a different way. About ninety percent of my biggest decisions in life has come from simply the flowing water just down from my house. Should I go to university? Yes. Should I move with my family across country? Yes. What is my main life goal? Journalism.

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There has been many times in my life where I have questioned my very existence, unable to move from my mattress, stressing about anything and everything. There has been times where moving was not an option, but only to sit in the same old four walls and cry, and cry, and cry. Im assuming that if you are reading this post that you too have experienced this. Where is your happy place? What song motivates you in the morning? What truly makes you smile that nothing, and I mean nothing, could drag you down?


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